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12 - 13 February 2018 | Los Angeles

Discover the technologies disrupting the fashion, apparel and footwear industry at this two day gathering in the heart of one of the world's fashion capitals.
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Program Highlights

Our agenda provides and showcases stories and discussions around digital product creation, effective data management and smart innovation as laid out in the descriptions below.

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Ideating the Future of Fashion and Leveraging Technology to Realize Business Alignment

Laura Coppen, Creative Business Development for the Laboratory of H&M Group, H&M Group

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Planning for Digital Transformation within Design

Ryan Bezenek, Vice President, IT, Ariat International

Digital Product Creation

Success stories and pain points of designing and developing within digital and virtual environments, from prototyping and modelling through to scanning and printing.

Data Management

A system, process or operation is only as good as the data upon which it feeds. How can existing data management platforms be extended, improved and leveraged to better manage product information and new data forms?


As sustainability transitions into the very make-up of how we approach the design and production of fashion, apparel and footwear, how can industry leverage technology to transform it into an essential strategic innovation tool?

2017 Venue

The artistic, urban Long Beach community resonates in our daily rituals and homegrown design, while the prospect of discovery lies around every corner. The Long Beach hotel’s Navigators can be your guide to the unexpected pleasures of the downtown scene — art, culture, shopping, nightlife, or whatever stirs your soul. Open your senses and experience it all in our eclectic lobby including ocean-to-fork dining at SIP Bar & Lounge

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