Adrian Reisch, Partner, EY Advisory Services - PLM, Ernst & Young GmbH
Adrian Reisch
Partner, EY Advisory Services - PLM
Ernst & Young GmbH
Alfred Katzenbach, Executive Business Consultant, Katzenbach Executive Consulting
Alfred Katzenbach
Executive Business Consultant
Katzenbach Executive Consulting
Andrew Lodge, Head of Engineering Systems, JCB
Andrew Lodge
Head of Engineering Systems
Andrew Wall, Head of Product Data Management UK, Airbus Defense and Space
Andrew Wall
Head of Product Data Management UK
Airbus Defense and Space
Bill Chown, CIO, INCOSE
Bill Chown
Brian Smith, Head of PLM, L3 TRL
Brian Smith
Head of PLM
Cees Stellema, PLM director, digital transformation, Unilever
Cees Stellema
PLM director, digital transformation
Christian Gill, SVP Digital Services, Hoffmann Group
Christian Gill
SVP Digital Services
Hoffmann Group
Daniel Spiess, PLM Program Lead, MAN Truck & Bus AG
Daniel Spiess
PLM Program Lead
MAN Truck & Bus AG
Dimitris Kiritsis, Professor of ICT - Sustainable Manufacturing, EPFL
Dimitris Kiritsis
Professor of ICT - Sustainable Manufacturing
Felix Nyffenegger, Professor - CAx, PLM & Product Design, University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil
Felix Nyffenegger
Professor - CAx, PLM & Product Design
University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil
Gerard Litjens, VP - EMEA, CIMdata
Gerard Litjens
Gerard Quist, Platform Manager, Ideas to Market, Philips
Gerard Quist
Platform Manager, Ideas to Market
Håkan Kårdén, Director Marketing, Eurostep Group
Håkan Kårdén
Director Marketing
Eurostep Group
Hilmar Brunn, Global Process Owner PLM, Mettler-Toledo International Inc.
Hilmar Brunn
Global Process Owner PLM
Mettler-Toledo International Inc.
Irene Gustavsson, Director Process, CAD & PDM Development, Volvo Cars
Irene Gustavsson
Director Process, CAD & PDM Development
Volvo Cars
Johan Stabeck, Sr.Manager PLM Strategy, Volvo Cars
Johan Stabeck
Sr.Manager PLM Strategy
Volvo Cars
Jos Voskuil, PLM Coach, Lecturer, Blogger, Consultant, TacIT
Jos Voskuil
PLM Coach, Lecturer, Blogger, Consultant
Kirsten Gottschling, Vice President - Head of Standards & Commercial Engineering, Nordex
Kirsten Gottschling
Vice President - Head of Standards & Commercial Engineering
Lewis Horne, CEO, Uniti Sweden AB
Lewis Horne
Uniti Sweden AB
Marc Hutsch, Global Sales Manager, XPLM Solution GmBH
Marc Hutsch
Global Sales Manager
XPLM Solution GmBH
Mark Jaxion, Lead of IoT and Industrialization 4.0, Vestas
Mark Jaxion
Lead of IoT and Industrialization 4.0
Martin Eigner, Chair - Institute of Virtual Product Engineering, Technical University of Kaiserslautern
Martin Eigner
Chair - Institute of Virtual Product Engineering
Technical University of Kaiserslautern
Martin Rawski, VP Production and Automation, HelloFresh
Martin Rawski
VP Production and Automation
Martin Van Hecke, Group Leader Mechanical Metamaterials, FOM Institute AMOLF
Martin Van Hecke
Group Leader Mechanical Metamaterials
FOM Institute AMOLF
Mats Nilsson, Head of Technical Information, Saab Kockums AB
Mats Nilsson
Head of Technical Information
Saab Kockums AB
Maurice Preidel, Research Engineer, Technical University Berlin
Maurice Preidel
Research Engineer
Technical University Berlin
Nick Leeder, Director, i42r
Nick Leeder
Oleg Shilovitsky, CEO and co-founder OpenBOM and Blogger, Beyond PLM
Oleg Shilovitsky
CEO and co-founder OpenBOM and Blogger
Beyond PLM
Paul Empringham, VP Research, PI
Paul Empringham
VP Research
Peter Bilello, President & CEO, CIMdata
Peter Bilello
President & CEO
Petri Hassinen, Head of IT Operations, KONE
Petri Hassinen
Head of IT Operations
Raphaël Domjan, Initiator and Pilot, SolarStratos
Raphaël Domjan
Initiator and Pilot
Richard Habering, Head of Business Unit smart plastics, igus GmbH
Richard Habering
Head of Business Unit smart plastics
igus GmbH
Sami Grönstrand, VP - Process & Operations Development, Outotec
Sami Grönstrand
VP - Process & Operations Development
Sebastian Neumeyer, Project Manager, Airbus Operations GmbH
Sebastian Neumeyer
Project Manager
Airbus Operations GmbH
Stavros Stefanis, Principal, Product Development, Deloitte
Stavros Stefanis
Principal, Product Development
Susanne Lauda, Director, Global Advanced Manufacturing Technology, AGCO Corporation
Susanne Lauda
Director, Global Advanced Manufacturing Technology
AGCO Corporation
Torbjörn Pettersson, IT Director, Saab Kockums AB
Torbjörn Pettersson
IT Director
Saab Kockums AB
Varun Bhatia, Manager, PLM, Deloitte Consulting
Varun Bhatia
Manager, PLM
Deloitte Consulting