PI Marine is the first conference dedicated to increasing productivity and efficiency across the ship design, planning and manufacturing processes. Meet and network with peers from your industry, learn how leading companies are leveraging digital assets to simulate entire systems, improving delivery cycles whilst reducing waste and rework. Participate in discussions looking at the benefits and justifications for smart manufacturing initiatives such as: automated material handling, additive manufacturing, robot welding and flexible production planning.

Featured Speakers

Featured Session 1:

Virtual Reality in Ship Design and Support

John Newell MBE, Formally BAE Systems - Head of Queen Elizabeth Class Support

Simon Luck, Head of Information Systems and Information Assurance, BMT

Featured Session 2:

Delivering a Virtual Global Shipyard at Ulstein

Bernt-Aage-Ulstein, Director, Design & Engineering, Ulstein Group ASA

Featured Session 3:

Oskar Levander - Redefining Shipping

Oskar Levander, SVP Concepts & Innovation, Digital & Systems, Rolls-Royce Marine, Rolls-Royce


Digital Innovation & Development

Covering the latest development tools and techniques to manage the delivery of a ship's complex system of systems, increasingly covering both hardware and software development lifecycles. Naval architects and shipyards are increasingly adopting 3D design, simulation and data management tools to manage the concept through to detailed design phases, ensuring all suppliers and stakeholders are engaged throughout. Sessions will cover the benefits of a model-based approach, product lifecycle management, systems engineering and system integration.

Smart Production

How can Shipyards invest in innovative technologies to improve concurrency and flexibility within the manufacturing and supply chain process? This track will cover how efficient manufacturing & resource planning and operations management tools are critical to the profit bottom-line. Smart manufacturing is more than just robot welding automation; how industrial connectivity can provide data for real-time decision making and AR/VR technologies can improve shipyard training and safety processes.

Is this event for me?

This conference is relevant to you if you have asked or are responsible for answering these questions:

What is the Digital Twin, how do we produce it and how can it provide value through the entire ship lifecycle?

How can the ship-building industry consume, integrate and benefit from the new smart manufacturing capabilities on offer?

Can we incrementally improve existing processes or is a full digital transformation required?

How can technology assist the shipbuilding industry, faced with an ageing workforce challenge?


PI Marine 2019 will take place in Hamburg - Europe's second-largest port and a major European science, research, and education hub. The city is also a major international and domestic tourist destination and home to The Speicherstadt and Kontorhausviertel both of which were declared World Heritage sites by UNESCO in 2015.

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