25th & 26th Feb 2020

Los Angeles

The Event for Product Development Leaders in Fashion

PI Apparel brings together the fashion, apparel and footwear industry to discuss the challenges and technologies disrupting the industry.

Join us in Downtown L.A. as we explore the strategies and technologies employed by some of the most progressive companies Worldwide.


The RFA sector is in a period of unprecedented technological evolution; what will be the impacts of digital technology (3D, AI, Machine Learning, Automation, AR/VR and more) on the design, manufacturing, logistics and sales of our products, and what do companies need to be doing right now to prepare for their integration?


As sustainability transitions into the very make-up of how we approach the design and production of fashion, apparel and footwear, how can industry leverage technology to transform it into an essential strategic innovation tool?


Whilst PI Apparel has, over the years, integrated more and more footwear content and speakers into the mix, we thought it was about time we gave this sector it's own targeted sessions. Whilst footwear is arguably more advanced when it comes to digital tools, there are still a myriad of challanges they face when scaling. In this stream we examine what disruptive tools are available to footwear creation and what opportunities they uncover.?

New Business Models

It is all good and well exploring the novel tools now available to the RFA market, but in the long term, why is their integration important? Of course it is because of the novel business opportunities they create and/or realise. In this stream we explore the realities of leveraging technology to support a move to a more on-demand and customizable supply chain.

PI Apparel 2020 Venue

2020 VENUE

Located in the beating heart of Downtown, the LA Grand Hotel is a slick conference venue as well as a luxurious place to rest your head. A great place to grab a drink after hearing from the inspiring leaders of the apparel and footwear industries. Visit the venue page for full details.